Welcome to the Swedish Volvo C70-club! The Swedish Volvo C70-club was founded on May 28th in the Pininfarina AB factory where the car was built. The Svenska Volvo C70-klubben is a non-profit association of owners and supporters of the Volvo C70 Coupé and Cabriolet of the model years 1996-2013. The club promotes the interest and preservation of the cars and their cultural and technical history.

As member you will be given access to our password-protected part of the website including technical support, news about the club and its activities, C70 –literature, access to list of members as well as invitation to our meetings and activities. You will also have access to member discounts on parts and insurances etc. and may buy club items at member discounts.

As a member you will be able to meet with like-minded C70 enthusiasts! As all web material is not yet translated to English you may try Google translation for the web pages and documents that are not in English!

If you pay after October 1st, your membership fee is valid for the full following year! Ordinary fee is 500:-SEK for member or 700:-SEK for member with all family members included. Fees can be paid trough Pay Pal. Contact our member responsible Jan-Aage Haaland at janaage.haaland@gmail.com for further information on how to become a member!

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Our Annual General Meeting is taking place on May 10th at Motala Motormuseum, Motala. Check out the program at the members club site! 



A meetings calendar for 2014 is now launched. Cliock on the picture in the right margin. It will be updated regularly, so keep checking!


This years big Volvo event is approaching! Read all about VROM here!



Today, the last Volvo C70 rolled off the line at the factory in Uddevalla. See it happen here




UNIQUE VOLVO CARS, C70 CORTEGE (click), OPENING OF EXHIBITION ON BOHUS COUNTY MUSEUM! This was the program of the manifestation in association with the closure of the Volvo Uddevalla factory.

Read all about the event by clicking on the image:



All owners of Volvo C70 cars are now welcome in the club! At the annual general meeting the members decided to welcome all owners and interested in the Volvo C70 model years 1996-2013!! More info will soon be available at the members login site!! Register for membership now! See the right margin for details! 



All documents to the AGM are now available at the members club site! 



The C70-club Annual General Meeting agenda, The Annual report for 2012 and the Work plan for 2013 is now available at the members club site!



The C70-club Annual General Meeting for 2013 will be in Åhus on May 4th with a visit to Volvo Olofsström on May 3rd. Log in and register at the member club site!



A new meetings calendar for 2013 is now available! See Meetings in the right margin.



Read the articles on the history of the Uddevalla factory, The design of the C70 and Technical support - NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH on our member pages! Sincere thanks to our members Chris Watson and Susie Larfors who translated. 



Pay your dues for 2013! The club is facing the entry of the Volvo C70N and owners of such are greeted warmly welcome to the club! The AGM where the statutes will be modified accordingly is to be held in early May in southern Sweden. Keep an eye on the website for more info about the date and place of the Annual General Meeting!



Are you driving a Volvo C70 2006-2013??



The Volvo C70 club is about to expand its area of interest to cover also the all new Volvo C70N. Are you driving a Volvo C70 model year 2006-2013? Welcome to enrol as a member in the Swedish Volvo C70-club! At our AGM next May members will vote on a change in the statutes in order to encompass the Volvo C70N 2006-2013! This is as a result of Volvo terminating the making of the car in june 2013.


16.09.12 »

We are pleased to inform that members abroad can now pay their membership fees through Pay Pal. E-mail katterholm@gmail for further details!


29.08.12 »

Our diligent member Mark McCourt from Vermont, was at the Swedish Car Day celebration at the Larz Anderson Automobile Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts the other day and of course showed not only his beautiful C70 but also material from the club.


Mark´s dark blue beauty next to a younger Volvo...


Some C70 stuff made in the USA!


02.08.12 »

It was the Roger Moore movies about The Saint that made ​​Volvo P1800 famous, but of course the Volvo C70 has also been used in many movies! Click the image with the C70 in the Bond film 'Die another day' and see the C70 in various movies. If you are a member of our club you can read the story written exclusively for us by Volvo´s Bob Austin about how the C70 became a part of the movie 'The Saint' with Val Kilmer!



20.07.12 »

We congratulate the Uddevalla factory to the Best in Europe award by J.D.Powers! Read more here.


19.07.12 »

At last our web shop is up! More products to come! Click on the cart on the upper right.


31.05.12 »

The spring meeting at Upplands motor in Sollentuna attracted many interested in listening to Rickard Rydell! (Photos Lars Kock and Hans Atterholm)



Frederick Scolander listens to what Rickard Rydell has to tell.


Upplands Motor in Sollentuna was co-arranging the meeting with us and opened their fantastic localities for us.


C70-ies piling up in the rain at the parking lot.


Voting on the finest Coupè, finest Cab och finest pimped C70. 118 votes were casted and the finest coupé was awarded NWW805 belonging to father and son Gunnar and Johan Edeland, finest cabriolet to Gunnar Thiede, RST849 and finest pimped C70 to RAZ414, Johnny Starborg. The winners got a nice cup and diploma. Congratulations!


03.11.11 »

Our logo is ready! It is designed by Anders Gunnarson, who also designed the exterior of the Volvo C70! You find it on top of the page.



04.10.11 »

It is with great sadness we heard the news today that Volvo will close the factory in Uddevalla in 2013. We are very pleased that we were given the opportunity to convene the meeting with the formation of our club at the plant and with the support you gave us. We think of all the talented car builders and hope of course that all staff should be able to find a good transition to other jobs at Volvo or elsewhere. The Swedish Volvo C70 club send our best wishes to all staff and with our activities we will contribute to preserving the memory of the good work that is accomplished in the Uddevalla plant.


The Uddevalla plant; the worlds most beautifully located car factory!


22.08.11 »

Read about us at http://www.pavag.volvocars.se/okategoriserat/har-grundas-sveriges-forsta-c70-klubb/ 


29.05.11 »


On the Saturday 28/5 60 C70-enthusiasts in 32 C70 cars ignored the rainy clouds and gathered at the Pininfarinas car factory in Uddevalla and constituated the Swedish Volvo C70-club:


We heard Anders Gunnarsson tell us about the process of creating the exterior design:

Claes Rydholm, who was responsible for the press material at the presentation of the C70 and who now is responsible for Volvo heritage presents some precious material to the club and its newly elected chairman Bo Algers:

Björn Fredholm presents the Pininfarina factory and the production of the current C70 model:

Talking C70...

A shrimp sandwich before the factory study tour:

The Pininfarina beautifully located plant in Uddevalla:

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